How can we claim an exclusive chemistry?

For decades, all the HID lamp manufacturers in the world obtained arc tube chemistry doses from one source: APL (Anderson Physics Lab)

Several years ago, EYE HORTILUX parent company, Iwasaki of Japan, pulled out of that agreement. Iwasaki used its own scientists, engineers and decades of experience in the commercial lighting industry to create a unique chemistry that creates the special grow spectrums our customers have come to love.

This very important difference is what makes our grow lighting the best in the industry.

The arc tube is the part of the grow lamp that emits light.

What may look like dirt to you is actually the solid chemicals that will be heated to an extreme temperature to give your plants the spectral energy they need to thrive.

Metal Halide

High Pressure Sodium

What are those stains?

Watch this video for more details on the chemical “stain” and other moving parts inside the grow lamp.