For high ceilings and greenhouses

Align™ LED Grow Light Systems

For any size grow room or space

Ascend LED Grow Light Systems®

Make your grow better!

You expect your lights to work right out of the box and keep working.
You want your plants to be abundant, vibrant and healthy looking.
You need your grow to be cost effective.

You can accomplish all that with LED Grow Lighting from EYE HORTILUX.

Here’s what to expect from an EYE HORTILUX LED

Higher yields with denser buds
No downtime to due to light failure
Better canopy coverage
Stronger smells, higher potency
Lower cooling costs
Control capability
Lower energy consumption
Assembled in the USA
LED 700-ES spectrum

A True Full-Spectrum LED

Sure, a PPFD number can provide a glimpse into how much light a fixture can provide, but that number only tells part of the story. The true story is in the complete spectral output since any energy outside of that 400-700nm range is not counted in PPFD. A lot of companies will say they have UV or far-red in their fixture, but you’ll find their spectrums to lack any true energy in those areas. With the Align and Ascend LED Grow Light Systems, you can be sure you are getting a true full-spectrum with UV and far red for stronger plants and more rigorous growth to truly Grow Beyond PAR.

Let us know you’re interested in the LED 700-ESib and we’ll get you connected:

Let us know you’re interested in the LED 700-ES2i and we’ll get you connected: