Rise to the top with the NEW Ascend LED Grow Light Systems

For years, EYE HORTILUX has been known for quality grow lamps. Now we’ve expanded that quality to our new LED units! The Ascend LED Grow Light Systems utilize a spectrum “Beyond PAR” providing a true full spectrum—including UV and far-red—all in one fixture. This gives your plants the best chance to grow under LED lighting without sacrificing all the benefits from natural sunlight.

Choose from a 450W for veg, a 700W for flower or a 350W for flower.

A True Full-Spectrum LED

Sure, a PPFD number can provide a glimpse into how much light a fixture can provide, but that number only tells part of the story. The true story is in the complete spectral output since any energy outside of that 400-700nm range is not counted in PPFD. A lot of companies will say they have UV or far-red in their fixture, but you’ll find their spectrums to lack any true energy in those areas. With the Ascend LED Grow Light Systems, you can be sure you are getting a true full-spectrum with UV and far red for stronger plants and more rigorous growth to truly Grow Beyond PAR.

See for yourself:

So What Exactly Will UV and Far Red Do For My Grow?

Glad you asked! With the addition of UV, you’ll get a stronger root base, less stretching and more resin production. UV also helps improve the taste and smell of your plants as well as enact the defense mechanisms that enable THC and cannabinoids to develop.

Far red works together with red energy to generate branching, leaf expansion and flowering. Promoting branching and expansion helps add space to your plant for better airflow within the canopy.

  Beyond PAR Spectrum

Full spectrum including energy in UV and far-red to enhance plant development and spectrum efficiency

  Rugged Design

Rigid frame provides consistent positioning of LED boards for maximum uniformity

  Uniform Distribution

Utilizes wide distribution LEDs to disperse colors uniformly over the coverage area

  Long Life

Robust thermal and electrical design allows LEDs to run cooler and retain 90% of output beyond 36,000 hrs

  Conformal Coating

Protects LEDs from dust and water with no optical loss and allows for easy clean-up

  Dimming Capability

Ability to ease plant transition from veg to flower stages

LED 700-ES

700W, 120V-480V
4×4 coverage, 6-bar

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450W, 120V-480V
4×4 coverage, 4-bar

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LED 350-ES

350W, 120V-277V
3×4 coverage, 3-bar

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