Years of research and professional lighting design experience have culminated into game-changing grow light systems from EYE HORTILUX.

Growers have come to know HORTILUX for the quality of engineering and manufacturing that goes into the best indoor grow lights. Now, the horticulture lighting specialists at EYE HORTILUX have taken that knowledge and applied it to grow light systems. These new systems have been designed to focus the light for maximum optimization of the the grow light system, producing better quality and yield of your plants!

Our systems at a glance:

  • Best-in-class light uniformity over the plant canopy
  • Meet UL 8800 criteria
  • Optimized for EYE HORTILUX grow lamps

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LED 700-ESib
LED 700-ES
LED 350-ES
DE 1000-VS
CMH 315
SE 600
LED 240-R