Includes UV and Far-Red

Rise to the top with the new Ascend Series LED Grow Light Systems

Our powerful LED extends the standard LED growing spectrum providing energy outside the PAR range to include ultraviolet (UV) and far-red, promoting stronger plant growth with heavier flowers.

Increases resin production
Improves taste and smell
Causes more branching and less stretching
Increases root mass

Increases plant biomass
Triggers flowering
Enhances flower size
Improves efficiency of overall spectrum

Available February 1, 2020

16% of Spectral Energy in UV + Far-Red

Full spectrum including energy in UV and Far Red to enhance plant development and spectrum efficiency

Utilizes wide distribution LEDs to disperse colors uniformly over the coverage area

Robust thermal and electrical design allows LEDs to run cooler and retain 90% of output beyond 36,000 hrs

Rigid frame provides consistent positioning of LED boards for maximum uniformity

Ability to ease plant transition from veg to flower stages

Protects LEDs against dust and water, no optical loss, easy to clean

Manual Dimming Control

The nine-position dial will allow you to set the level you want for the stage of growing you are in.

Dim Position Power Level Input Watts
0 0% 0
1 16% 111
2 30% 207
3 42% 294
4 53% 372
5 65% 455
6 75% 526
7 85% 596
8 95% 662
9 100% 700


Coverage Area  4 ft. x 4 ft.
Height Above Canopy 18 in.
Distance between fixtures*  8 in.

*The distance between fixtures should be measured from the edge of the system

Recommended Fixture Spacing

Or check out the LED 350-ES

The LED 350-ES is for growers with limited space who need lower wattage. This three-bar system will cover a 4×3 space with the same spectrum and benefits as the LED 700-ES.

MSRP $1,469.95
Wattage 700W
Input Voltage 120V 240V 277V 347V 480V
Amperage 5.8A 2.9A 2.5A 2A 1.5A
Power Cord 12 ft. pigtail
Weight 35 lbs.
PPF* (400-700nm) 1350 μmol
PBF* (375-800) 1615 μmol
PPF Efficacy 1.9 μmol/Joule
PBF Efficacy 2.3 μmol/Joule
PPFD Average (400-700nm) 710 μmol/m2-sec
PBFD Average (375-800) 845 μmol/m2-sec
Light Uniformity – max/min 3.4/1
Light Uniformity – avg/min 2.2/1
Coverage Area 4 ft. x 4 ft.
Height Above Canopy 18 in.
Dimensions 44.8 in. x 44 in. x 3.9 in.
Environmental Protection Designed to meet IP66
Distance Between Fixtures** 8 in.
Warranty 5-year Limited
*UV and Far Red are not counted in PPF or PPFD measurements. PPFD and PBFD measurements were taken in a 10ft x 10ft room with average reflective material at the optimal setup recommendation. PPFD and PBFD in actual applications will vary.
**The distance between fixtures should be measured from the edge of the system. | Plug end power cord available for purchase on 120V, 240V and 277V. | 347V and 480V are MTO.
Wattage 350W
Input Voltage 120V 240V
Amperage 3.8A 1.9A
Power Cord 12 Ft.
Weight 30 lbs.
Coverage Area 3 ft. x 4 ft.
Height Above Canopy 18 in.
Distance Between Fixtures** 12 in.
Environmental Protection Designed to meet IP66
Warranty 5-Year Limited

PPF, PBF and other measurements will be available soon.

LED 700-ES
LEd 350-es
Ascend LED Grow Light Systems Sell Sheet
LED 700-ES Installation Instructions
LED 350-ES Installation Instructions

Product specifications subject to change or product may be discontinued without notice. Data shown is typical and based on laboratory conditions. Actual performance in specific applications may vary.