Multi-Spectrum LED

You can veg and flower with the new LED 250-VFS. Hang just one LED System for the entire growing cycle. This new LED also includes the new Sunset Spectrum* in order to induce faster flowering.

Learn more about the Sunset Spectrum here.

Veg Spectrum
Flower Spectrum
Sunset Spectrum*

*The Sunset Spectrum mimics a natural sunset in Red and Far-Red spectral energy. The Red to Far-Red ratio relaxes and triggers plants to sleep faster. This speeds up a chemical response which induces flowering. The Sunset Spectrum can reduce overall flowering time by 10-14 days.

LED 250-VFS Chips


Coverage Area  3 ft. x 3ft.
Height Above Canopy 18 in.
Distance between fixtures**  3 ft.

*Optimal setup and performance measurements based on LED 250-VFS System. Actual performance may vary. **The distance between fixtures should be measured from the center of the lamp.

Optimize your canopy coverage

Easy plug-n-play Installation

Attach the included eyelet. Hang it from your rope ratchet or chain. Plug it in. You’re ready to grow. It’s that easy.

MSRP $849.95
Wattage 250W
Socket Type N/A
Input Voltage 120V
Amperage 2A @ 120V
1A @ 240V
Light Uniformity – max/min 6.17/1
Light Uniformity – avg/min 3/1
Avg. PPFD (400-700nm) 240 μmol/m2/s
Efficacy 1.6 μmol/Joule
IP Rating Damp Rated
Weight 14.7 lbs.
Warranty 3-year Limited

Product specifications subject to change or product may be discontinued without notice. Data shown is typical and based on laboratory conditions. Actual performance in specific applications may vary. CAUTION – Must only operate HID grow lamps that are rated for “Open” fixture operation, ANSI type “O.”