Growers of all levels have tons of questions. We answer the most often asked here.

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How do I know I’m purchasing a new EYE HORTILUX grow lamp?

HORTILUX™ lamps are manufactured in the US and have a brown monogram that changes to orange after approximately ten hours of use. This includes HPS lamps. Watch this video for more information.

Do EYE HORTILUX lamps work on electronic/digital ballasts?

Most EYE HORTILUX lamps will operate on an electronic or digital ballast; however, there are some that do not. Consult the lamp packaging, or its product page on our website, to verify the ballast requirement before operation.

What wattage should I use for my grow?

Knowing the amount of light you need is best determined by the amount of space you are planning to grow in. A good rule of thumb is to have anywhere from 40 to 60 watts per square foot.  Keep in mind the type of reflector you use will also help determine how much light coverage you have.

When should I replace my grow lamp?

Each EYE HORTILUX grow lamp has a replacement guide on the packaging for reference. At the very least, single ended lamps should be replaced every 12 months.  Double ended lamps should be replaced at least every 12-16 months.

How do I return a lamp if there is an issue?

All EYE HORTILUX grow lamps have a 1 Year Warranty from the date of purchase. If there is an issue and you would like to make a warranty claim return it to the retail store where the lamp was purchased. They will be able to test the lamp and issue you a new lamp.  Make sure to have your receipt.

Can I dim down my grow lamp?

HID grow lamps can be dimmed down but it is not recommended. Learn more about the effects of dimming here.

Can I run my grow lamp in an open reflector?

It depends on the lamp type. HPS lamps can be operated in an open reflector.  A majority of Metal Halide lamps are required to be operated in an enclosed reflector.  However, there are Metal Halide lamps that are rated for open fixture use.  This rating is stated on our packaging and on our web site for reference.

Will my grow lamp be damaged if I touch it with my bare hands?

There are no issues if you touch a Single Ended HID lamp with your bare hands. The glass used for SE lamps is regular, borosilicate and cannot be damaged by your hands.  Double Ended lamps can devitrify (degrade) over time if you touch their glass with your bare hands.  The glass used in DE lamps is made of quartz and the oil from your hands can damage it over time.

Why won’t my new grow lamp start?

There can literally be hundreds of reasons why your grow lamp will not start. Make sure to double check the following…

  1. Check all cords to see if they are plugged in.
  2. Make sure the lamp is fully installed in the socket.
  3. Is your ballast too far away from the lamp? All ballasts have a limit as to how far the ballast can be away from the lamp.
  4. Are your power cords coiled up? If so this will reduce the ability of the ballast to start the lamp.
  5. Make sure your ballast is set to the proper wattage setting for the lamp.  If you have your ballast set to 600W when trying to start a 1000W lamp, the ballast will struggle starting the lamp.
  6. Try running the lamp in another reflector or on another ballast.
  7. Still having an issue then call your local EYE HORTILUX retailer of give us a call.

Are your lamps UL listed?

HID lamps are not required to be UL listed by the Federal Government. Furthermore ANSI (American National Standards Institute) does not require lamps to be listed.  HID lamps are considered a light source and therefore are not required to be UL listed.