1. The ARC TUBE is the light producing source inside the lamp. There is no filament inside the arc tube, rather gases and a chemistry mix create the light.
  2. TUNGSTEN ELECTRODES inside the arc tube provide a jumping off point for an electric arc which vaporizes the chemistry creating light.
  3. The glass STEM provides electrical connections through the base.
  4. The CERAMIC HEAT SHIELD insulates the base from the intense heat provided by the Arc Tube.
  5. The STAINLESS STEEL FRAME supports the arc tube.
  6. SPRING SUPPORTS help stabilize the frame and the arc tube during shipping.
  7. The BUTTON GETTER & STRIP GETTERS act as sponges collecting any impurities inside the lamp.
  8. The CERAMIC SPACER stabilizes the steel frame.
  9. A threaded glass seal locks the NICKEL PLATED BRASS BASE onto the bulb. It also keeps the lamp from sticking inside the socket. This ensures that the base will not separate from the bulb when the lamp is removed from the fixture.
  10. The EN WELD eliminates the use of lead from our lamps unlike other standard HID lamps in the market. This EN weld reduces the negative impact of lead on the environment.
  11. The CERAMIC INSULATOR insures against cracking in the base.
  12. A DEEP EYELET guarantees a solid contact inside the socket and it also has a plasma weld, removing more lead from this lamp.
  13. The RESISTOR limits the amount of current that flows to the small diameter starter wire during starting. High current would cause the starter wire to fail.
  14. The BIMETAL SWITCH shuts off the flow of electricity to the starter assembly once the lamp starts.
  15. The STARTER ASSEMBLY provides the structure to hold the STARTING PROBE inside the arc tube. The starting probe acts like a spark plug inside a Metal Halide arc tube. It provides an initial spark to help start the lamp. The starter assembly is not present in Pulse Start Metal Halide lamps.
  16. The HPS ARC TUBE is made of Polycrystalline Alumina (PCA). The MH ARC TUBE is made of Quartz glass.
  17. END COAT is a white paint like material applied to the Metal Halide arc tube. The end coat helps keep heat inside the arc tube allowing MH lamps to be operated in various burn positions.
  1. The LEAD WIRE on either end of the lamp provide the path for electricity to flow across the lamp. This is achieved through solid contact with the fixtures sockets. Firm contact with both of the lead wires is necessary for proper lamp starting and performance. Improper installation is the primary cause of DE lamp failure.
  2. PINCH AREA encloses the internal arc tube and other lamp component inside the outer jacket.
  3. The MOLLY FOIL provides an extremely thin area for the pinch area to completely seal the quartz glass allowing the arc tube to operate within a clean and oxygen-free environment.
  4. The TWIN COIL SUSPENSION™ (TCS™) centers the arc tube inside the lamp both vertically and horizontally. TCS also allows the lamp to naturally expand and contract without stress during the heating and cooling cycles of lamp operation and shut down.
  5. The OUTER JACKET is made of quartz, not hard glass like single ended lamps. Quartz withstands much higher temperatures that all DE lamps operate at. Do Not Touch DE lamps with your bare hands. The oil or other contaminants on your fingers will reduce lamp life.
  6. The ARC TUBE There are no filaments inside our lamps. Light is created by electricity flowing between two electrodes inside the ends of the arc tube. The heat from this flow of electricity stimulates the chemistry to produce massive amounts of light.
  7. The BUTTON GETTER acts like an air filter inside the lamp to reduce contamination and provide longer lamp life.