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Get Better Flavors, Aromas and Colors with EYE HORTILUX Products

While yield is important, you can also find lights to grow higher quality plants (and in some cases, you may not even lose yield). Making your crop better tasting, more aromatic or more potent can be accomplished by using lighting that emits a spectrum to help bring out those traits.

With almost 30 years in the business, we understand lighting and we understand what it takes to produce a quality grow light spectrum. You won’t get the flower you desire or the strong veg plants you need using just any old grow light. For quality plants, you need a true full spectrum. You need a light that includes the PAR range plus UV and Far-red. For that, you need EYE HORTILUX.

The sun has such a spectrum. Why shouldn’t your grow light?

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Ascend LED Grow Light Systems

LED 700-ES spectrum

A balanced ratio of UV and Far-red quantities for a true full-spectrum. You’ll love the extra plant quality over other LED brands.

Learn about the Ascend LED Grow Light Systems


Ceramic HPS

DE Ceramic HPS 600W spectrum

The heavy-red spectrum of the Ceramic HPS produces vibrant, potent plants that stay strong and healthy.

Learn about Ceramic HPS

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Daylight BLUE Metal Halide

Get a strong start or more potency production later. Use this daylight spectrum (with UV!) to build a healthy plant in veg or boost trichome levels in flower.

Learn about Daylight BLUE

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A true full spectrum ideal for veg or pulling quality flower. With 50% more UV than competitive lamps, you will notice a stronger plant, more roots and better resin production.

Learn about the CMH 315



1000W Super HPS Spectrum

Our HPS spectrums include more blue and red energy than most on the market. This means a better spectrum balance for bigger, fuller flowers.

Learn about the Super HPS here or the DE HPS here

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T5 Fluorescent

PowerVEG FS+UV Spectrum 300-800nm

An abundance of UV while still safe to have in your grow room. This T5 packs a punch for your plants at any stage of growth.

Learn about the FS+UV

``Far above average quality on the bulb itself and a wide range of options to customize to your personal preference.``

– Instagram Follower

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Ascend LED Grow Light Systems®

LED 700-ES: veg | flower | start-to-finish

A true full-spectrum LED that is blowing the minds of any grower who has tried our Ascend LED Grow Light Systems.

Check out the 700-ES

Ascend LED Grow Light Systems®

LED 450-EVS: veg | start-to-finish

This true full-spectrum LED was designed with veg and start-to-finish in mind. Get more with the LED 450-EVS Ascend LED Grow Light System.

Check out the 450-EVS

Ceramic HPS


Boost your flower quality and plant expressions with our unique Ceramic HPS grow lamps.

Check out the DE Ceramic HPS
or the Single-ended Ceramic HPS


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Get more growth watt for watt with Ceramic Metal Halide technology plus an added benefit of more UV for a stronger plant.

Check out the CMH 315

CMH 315 Grow Light System

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Direct all the necessary light onto your plant canopy with the uniquely designed reflector in our CMH 315 Grow Light System.

Check out the CMH 315 system

Daylight BLUE Metal Halide

veg | flower | start-to-finish

Shorten your veg time and get tighter node spacing with the BLUE family of grow lamps. (psst: you can use them during flower too)

Check out the 1000W Daylight BLUE MH



All the power of DE with a quality EYE HORTILUX spectrum. You can’t go wrong.

Check out the DE HPS

DE 1000-VS Grow Light System



Designed to work as a unit with our DE lamps, this system will keep compatibility issues at bay minimizing down time for your grow.

Check out the DE 1000-VS system



This tried and true grow lamp has been used in grow rooms across the country for more than two decades.

See what the fuss is about

SE 600 Grow Light System

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Versatility and a small footprint. Use 3 different spectrum styles with the SE 600 grow light system or pick just one and grow your own way.

Check out the SE 600

Standard Metal Halide


Metal Halide is well-known for being a great veg light solution, yet can lose spectral quality faster than other options. Ours doesn’t.

Check out our Metal Halides

PowerVEG® T5 Fluorescent

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FS+UV lamp on transparent background

Our FS+UV T5 fluorescent includes UV in its full spectrum giving those much needed goods your plants desire. We also have color T5s to build out your own spectrum.

Check out the FS+UV