These lights have left every other led manufacturer scrambling to catch up to this technology of light spec with almost a year of experience with these lights. They are clearly the best light on the market for top end results. It’s all I use now.


I wanted my first grow to be big. I got what I asked for. These have outperformed what I even thought they would.

MI Cannabis ConnoisseurMI Cannabis Connoisseur

I love love love the LED 700-ES beyond par light, it is killing in my 4 by 4 tent. One small guy like me can hang it by themselves with ratchets, not super heavy at all. The plants will pray, they love the light!!


“I’m noticing really nice and healthy quick growth. Seems like the UV and IR are making for excellent nutritional absorption even in the slightly cooler temps for LED.”

Mass Medical StrainsMassachusetts

“The lighting is state of the art. I have noticed a complete difference in firmness and solidarity of buds on every plant. The plants love the UV, probably because the UV actually exists in these lights.”

Matt PilarskiMichigan