No other Double Ended HPS grow lamp is made to this standard of excellence and reliability.


EYE Hortilux Double Ended HPS

No other Double Ended HPS lamp on the market has gone through the rigorous design and life testing standards like the EYE HORTILUX DE. Thousands of hours of testing this lamp ensures you are receiving a quality and reliable lamp which will operate with consistent performance on electronic ballasts. EYE HORTILUX DE lamps are the only DE lamps designed and manufactured in the USA.

Double Ended (DE) HPS grow lamps are typically used by commercial growers with large spaces and high ceilings. DE HPS grow lights produce higher intensities of light due to the design, construction and internal pressures of the arc tube (light generating source). The physical design and shape of the DE grow bulb provides a consistent positioning of the light source allowing reflector manufacturers to optimize the focus and footprint of light over the plant canopy.

Built with the same quality construction as all other EYE HORTILUX DE grow lamps

Unique coiled support frame allows for expansion and contraction of the arc tube during operation

The TWIN COIL SUSPENSION (TCS) stabilizes the arc tube during operation (above). As the arc tube heats up it expands and as it cools down it contracts. The coil support frame allows for this expansion and contraction. All DE reflectors are designed to efficiently reflect the light produced by the lamp based on the arc tube being positioned in the center of the reflector. If the arc tube changes position inside the lamp, it will change the optics and efficiency of the reflector.

Patented* lead wires provide a sturdy lamp for safer connection within the DE socket

Spot welding (1) keeps the braided wire from fraying or coming apart. The butt welding (2) seamlessly connects the braided wire to the lead wire, allowing for a safer, more reliable connection inside the DE socket.

(*US Patent #9892905)

1000W DE HPS Spectrum


  • Produces higher yields than Single Ended HPS lamps.
  • Reduces lamp replacement costs.
  • Maintains results after multiple growth cycles.
  • Better spectral balance for increased plant response and accelerated growth.
  • Outperforms competitive DE lamps in plant quality and yield.


  • The ONLY DE Lamp Made in the USA
  • Exclusive EYE HORTILUX spectrum.
  • Compatible with e-Ballasts that operate at or above 100 kHz.
  • Unique TWIN COIL SUSPENSION™ (TCS™) support frame allows for expansion and contraction of the arc tube during operation*.
  • Patented lead wire design provides safer, more reliable connection within DE sockets.
  • Provides 1950 μmol when operated at 1000w.
  • Provides 2100 μmol when operated at 1150w.
  • Completely lead-free.
  • Meets Federal EPA standards as non-hazardous waste.
  • Operated and tested before packaging.
  • Glove included with lamp for safe handling.
  • Full One Year Warranty.
MSRP $119.95
Initial Lumens 155000
Color Temperature 1950K
CRI 25
Operating Position Horizontal
Fixture Requirement Open Rated
Ballast Requirement Electronic – operating frequency at or above 100 kHz
Warm-Up Time 5 Minutes
Hot Re-Strike Time 15 Minutes
Suggested height above canopy
(varies with room space, ventilation and reflector size, form and shape.)
4 ft
  • Do NOT handle lamp with bare hands. Use protective glove included in packaging.
  • Follow installation instructions located here.
  • For best performance, power EYE HORTILUX DE HPS with EYE HORTILUX electronic ballasts. 
  • Do NOT power EYE HORTILUX DE HPS with electronic ballasts operating below 100 kHz. Premature lamp failure can result. 
  • Lamp operates in a horizontal burning position. 
  • Must start 1000W DE lamp at 1000 watt setting. 
  • Do NOT air cool the lamp. Reduced light output will occur. 
  • Overdriving the lamp can cause a rapid drop in intensity over time and/or premature lamp failure.


• Turn power off before inspection, installation or removal.
• Protect lamp from direct contact with liquids to avoid breakage from thermal shock.
• Keep combustible materials away from lamp during operation. UNEXPECTED LAMP RUPTURE MAY CAUSE INJURY, FIRE, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE
• Do not exceed rated ballast voltage.
• Do not use lamp if outer glass is scratched or broken.
• Do not turn on lamp until fully installed.
• Use only with fixture and ballast rated for this product.

• Allow lamp to cool before handling.
• Contains sodium – Avoid skin contact with broken pieces. LAMP MAY SHATTER AND CAUSE INJURY IF BROKEN
• Do not use excessive force when installing lamp.
• Dispose of lamp in an enclosed container.
• Wear safety glasses and gloves when installing lamp.

Watch this video to see a safe installation.

Optimal Growth 8-9 Months
Average Growth 9-10 Months
Maintenance Growth 10-12 Months
Burn Hrs/Day 12

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