Two technologies in one lamp!

EYE HORTILUX Dual Arc combines the power of Super HPS and HORTILUX BLUE MH in one bulb! Makes growing easy and very successful.


The Super HPS and HORTILUX BLUE have been paired up in this all-in-one grow lamp. Dual Arc offers the exclusive HORTILUX BLUE spectrum whereas all other brands only offer a standard Metal Halide spectrum.

Studies have shown the most productive method for indoor growing is by starting plants with Metal Halide and then switching to High Pressure Sodium grow lights. The result of the Dual Arc is more compact plants and vigorous flower and fruit production without the need to purchase a Metal Halide and a HPS lamp separately. Dual Arc provides quality results for first time growers and is the best, all-in-one grow lamp.

1000W Dual Arc Spectrum


  • Promotes vigorous growth.
  • Accelerated plant development.
  • Hearty flowering & fruit production from one light source.
  • Ideal for start-to-finish use.
  • Great for first time indoor growers.
  • Experience growers.
  • Produces safe levels of Ultra Violet (UV) light.


  • Combines BLUE MH & Super HPS in one lamp.
  • No other Dual Arc lamp offers a Daylight MH spectrum.
  • Exclusive EYE HORTILUX spectrum.
  • Full One Year Warranty.
  • Operated and tested before packaging.
  • Made in Mentor, Ohio USA!

Select the lamp wattage to view specifications

MSRP $259.95
Initial Lumens 110000
Color Temperature 3000K
CRI 65
Operating Position Horizontal +/-15 degrees
Fixture Requirement Open Rated
ANSI Code S52
E-Ballast Compatible Yes
Warm-Up Time 8 Minutes
Hot Re-Strike Time 15 Minutes
Suggested height above canopy
(varies with room space, ventilation and reflector size, form and shape.)
4 ft
Optimal Growth 9-10 Months
Average Growth 11-12 Months
Maintenance Growth 12-13 Months
Burn Hrs/Day 12

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