Redefining Expectations

PowerVEG® has set a new standard of expectations for results from T5 fluorescent grow lamps. With the PowerVEG FS+UV grow lamp you will get a full spectrum with ultra-violet for strong plant growth. Add the ability to customize your spectrum by mixing in PowerVEG Colors and now you have the power to choose how to grow your own way.

Growers using PowerVEG can create a customized formula of light to meet the plant’s needs in the veg or flowering stage by combining the individual colors in 4 or 8 lamp sets. These formulas will outperform standard fluorescent lighting in grow speed, plant quality, root growth, and yield.

The PowerVEG Family

PowerVEG offers five different T5 fluorescent grow lamps that can be used in various ways to create specific spectrums of light.

Full Spectrum + UV
PowerVEG 420
PowerVEG 460
PowerVEG 633
PowerVEG 660

How to Use PowerVEG

Our PowerVEG T5s can be used individually as supplemental light to boost the spectrum of existing grow lights or combined together in our predetermined formulas. 

The base PowerVEG lamp is the FS+UV (Full Spectrum + Ultraviolet). It is the foundation of all formulas because of its full light spectrum including a safe level of UV. It can be used alone or can be enhanced by adding the individual colored T5s to emphasize growth for a specific plant stage.

When using a predetermined formula, the FS+UV is used in conjunction with the colors. Our veg formula combines the two blue PowerVEG lights (420 & 460) with the FS+UV producing a spectrum targeting early stages of plant growth. Our flower formula pairs the two red PowerVEG lights (633 & 660) with the FS+UV producing a flowering spectrum better than any T5 grow light available today. Mixing all four colors with the FS+UV creates a powerful full spectrum for start-to-finish growth.

  1. Determine the formula needed based on your growth stage
  2. Choose a 4 lamp or 8 lamp fixture set-up
  3. Install the FS+UV & blue or red PowerVEG T5s following the lamp layout for your formula
  4. Get growing!

PowerVEG Formulas

Click on a formula below to learn how it should be set up: