Redefining Expectations

PowerVEG has set a new standard for growers expectations with T5 fluorescent results. Better spectrum with UV and the ability to customize spectrums gives growers the Power to produce stronger plants and higher quality.

Powerful spectrums for specific stages of plant growth.

Growers using T5 lights can now provide a customized formula of light to meet the needs of plants in the vegetative stage as well as the flowering stage.  These formulas will outperform standard fluorescent lighting in growing speed, root growth, plant quality and yield due to the one of a kind spectral output of PowerVEG T5 grow lamps.



PowerVEG T5 offers five different products that can be used in conjunction to create specific spectrums of light.  The base PowerVEG lamp you will use in all formulas is the FS+UV (Full Spectrum + Ultra Violet).  The FS+UV provides the spectral foundation when adding the other spectrums because it produces a consistent full spectrum of light as well as a safe level of UV, which is essential to to growing indoors.

Combining the two blue PowerVEG lights (420 & 460) with the FS+UV produces a powerful spectrum targeting early stages of plant growth.

Pairing the two red PowerVEG lights (633 & 660) with the FS+UV produces the best flowering spectrum of any fluorescent grow light available today.

Recommended Formulas

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