So, what does Grow Your Own Way mean?

It means you do you. Use the lights and setup that works for your style and growing goals. It’s that simple.

At EYE HORTILUX, we know not everyone grows the same way. You might be someone who has high ceilings or you may be using a tent. You might be someone who uses separate rooms with different lighting technology for veg and flower or you may prefer a start-to-finish solution all in one space. That’s why our products range from HID to LED, high wattage to low wattage and clone to flower spectrums. No matter your growing style, we have a solution to help you grow your own way.

Use this chart as a guide to selecting an EYE HORTILUX product for each stage.

Grow Your Own Way

Find the Lighting That Works for You

We offer: LED or HID + low or high wattage + veg, flower or start-to-finish products for your grow.
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Ready to Buy?

Our products are sold through hydroponic and garden stores. You can find the closest retailer to you through our Retail Finder at the link below. If you don’t see an option, feel free to get in touch with us and we will find you a source. Hit us up via the phone number below, through our site or on any of our social media channels.