Increase growth rate with the EYE HORTILUX® DOUBLE ENDED HPS

With our DE system, your plants will experience an increased growth rate due to more canopy penetration, stronger intensity, and a quality spectrum. Plus, our high intensity lamp and system have no compatibility issues because the ballast was designed and tuned to the EYE HORTILUX 1000W DE Grow Lamp and optimized for the EYE HORTILUX DE 1000-VS Grow Light System. You’ll get the best results when you use the two power houses together.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what Tony has experienced with his use of our DE system and grow light…

Tony is an experienced professional licensed grower in Oregon.

The DE 1000-VS Grow Light System

No other Double Ended fixture was designed to work as a unit like the DE 1000-VS Grow Light System. Growers will see no compatibility issues because the ballast was designed and tuned to the EYE HORTILUX DE Grow Lamp for peak performance.

What makes the EYE HORTILUX DE Grow Lamp Different?

Millions of Testing Hours

No other Double Ended HPS lamp on the market has gone through the rigorous design and life testing standards like the EYE HORTILUX DE. Millions of testing hours on this lamp ensures you are receiving a quality and reliable lamp which will operate with consistent performance on any electronic ballast.

Quality Construction

  • The only DE grow lamp Made in the USA.
  • Our patented lead wire design provides a safer, more reliable connection within the DE socket. (1) The spot weld keeps the braided wire from fraying or coming apart. (2) The butt weld seamlessly connects the braided wire to the lead wire allowing for a better connection.
  • The Twin Coil SuspensionTM (TCS) stabilizes the arc tube during operation maintaining lamp efficiency and performance.

Strong Spectrum

The exclusive EYE HORTILUX chemistry inside the grow lamp is made by our chemists for a unique performance. Measuring 2100 µmol when operated at 1150W, our DE spectrum promotes bigger, fuller flower growth with extreme intensity and higher quality yields.