You may still see light coming from your grow lamps, but that does not mean your plants are getting the energy they need.

Even running your lights for a full year will reduce yield.

Spectrum degradation is a real thing and cannot be measured by the human eye. That’s why we suggest changing your lamps on a regular schedule. You’ll get the most out of your grow if you keep a fresh spectrum and follow the optimal growth guides for our lamps (see below).

It doesn’t pay to save money by not replacing your lamps, especially when your yield suffers.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from an experienced grower…

Tony Locken is an experienced licensed grower of High Latitude Farms in Hood River, OR.

Optimal Growth Guide

For best results, replace your lamp according these schedules. (tap or hover to reveal)

Super HPS

9-10 months

Ceramic HPS

8-9 months

Double Ended HPS

10-11 months


9-10 months


12-13 months

e-Start Metal Halide

9-10 months

Daylight BLUE Metal Halide

6-8 months

Metal Halide

6-8 months