Made in the U.S.A.

EYE HORTILUX® Grow Lamps are manufactured in our factory located in Mentor, Ohio!

AT EYE HORTILUX, we know that down time due to lighting issues means lost time and money for your grow. That’s why we use high-quality components and inspect every lamp at multiple steps throughout production. We put quality at the forefront of our process from the initial engineering and design to final manufacturing, building the highest quality grow lamps, ballasts and fixtures on the market. When you buy a HORTILUX product, you know you will get quality and grow more.

Watch the video below for a look into our world.

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Grow Lights

From high pressure sodium to metal halide, single-ended to double-ended and low wattage to high wattage, we’ve got you covered.

Grow Light Systems

Perfect for your veg or flower needs including a CMH 315 system, DE system, SE system and LED.

Grow Light Ballasts

Our Silver Ballast is the only tried and true option for running your 600W Ceramic HPS grow lamp.