Maximizes Performance

More Light on Target!

This system focuses 20% more of the light to the target area than our nearest competitor to enhance the performance of the lamp and maximize plant quality and yield.

The SE 600 can provide a wide range of spectrum capabilities that most LED grow lights cannot offer. This one fixture can run three different lamps producing different spectrums, all while maintaining consistent light distribution and efficiently focusing the intensity of 600 watt grow lamps.

Operates these EYE Hortilux Grow Lamps

Designed Around a 600 Watt Lamp

Most grow fixtures were sized for 1000 watt lamps leading to an inefficient focus of light. The SE 600 Grow Light System utilizes a reflector design sized specifically for 600 watt grow lamps. This compact reflector design optimizes performance creating a more uniform light distribution.
EYE HORTILUX 600W System with 600W lamp.
Competitor's 1000W Reflector with 600W lamp.

Easy Reflector Replacement

The EYE HORTILUX SE 600 Grow Light System includes a reflector that is easy to replace. After several grow cycles, system reflectors get dirty and sometimes scratched from cleaning. Having a reflector replacement schedule helps maintain consistent plant quality and high yields. Replacing a reflector in the SE 600 does not require purchasing an entirely new system.

Remote Ballast Capability

Growers concerned about extra heat can remove the SE 600 ballast from the fixture and operate it from a remote location. The ballast can then be run up to 15 feet away from the lamp.